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    Our mission is to improve SMT Process Control for the customer. We will enable you to:
  prevent defects, reduce production expenses, increase machine capability and throughput.

   Greetings from SMT Research - now supporting the latest machines
   Our new 2015 Catalog is out with high quality parts and new competitive pricing.
Measure machine Cp & Cpk data.
Analyze statistical placement
accuracy. Identify mechanical
issues ...More
Repair problem feeders/nozzles
before defects occur. PMD allows
quick diagnosis of production issues ...More
From machine maintenance and
breakdown services to machine
rebuilds, we can provide you with
the services you need ...More
Click here to learn more about our Feeder Calibration System and Feeder Calibration services
We are very experienced at the design and manufacture of specialty nozzles ...More
We have thousands of Fuji parts in stock. Enjoy savings of 30% to 70% on all surplus items ...More
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